India, The Global Marketplace

India is one of the fastest emerging economies today, ranked higher than Russia, Italy, UK. It also ranks second amongst the developing nations. Thus, the purchasing power capability of India makes it an area of immense potential.


The huge potential of India lies in the fact that it offers a very large customer base to tap into. With the population of India running into the billions, the scope this offers is tremendous. And as the nation is continuously growing by amassing higher GDP growth, the standard of living is also rising. So, the per capita incomes of an average middle-class Indian today is more than what it used to be.


In fact, Indians are vying today for designer labels, such as Gucci, Marks, Spencer, and Hidedesign amongst others. There are therefore huge possibilities for designer labels and retail chains in India. In fact, many of these labels have already set up shop in India and are reaping benefits. Not only luxury brands but even Wal-Mart is considering an entry into the Indian markets.


Also, India has a huge population of management gurus and software professionals. There are many MNCs making their presence felt in the Indian markets. By outsourcing their requirements to Indian shores, they are gaining both in monetary as well as quality terms. The customer service industry is yet another business that offers many possibilities.


India also offers a very large base for health and insurance companies. With Indians becoming more and more aware of the benefits of health and insurance, this sector offers tremendous potential. Many international firms are making ties with their Indian counterparts to explore this arena to its fullest. Many collaborations are already in existence today from Bajaj-Allianz to Tata-AIG and are making a impact.


Also, with the government now encouraging foreign investment and collaborations it has become easier for foreign companies to foray into the Indian markets. But before getting into the Indian markets, it is essential to understand the Indian mentality and psyche.


Not only foreign establishments but also entrepreneurs from India can reap the benefits of the growing Indian market. In fact, here they hold an edge as they are familiar with the Indian mindset and can thus explore it to its fullest.


The manufacturing and infrastructure industry also offers huge potential. As India keeps developing, the infrastructure and manufacturing industry cannot stay far behind. Another avenue one can look at is the education industry. More and more numbers of educational institutes are establishing roots in India.


The tourism industry is also emerging as an area to be looked at and tapped into. The gaming and entertainment industries also offer huge possibilities.


Thus, India offers huge potential for businesses, and a great plus is that there are still more areas that are to be explored and that can be gained from. Especially as the average Indian keeps vying to reach higher, India is the country to look to for your future endeavors.

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